crop of photo by me from bar Eleven @ Amsterdam

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August in Lisbon

November 1, 2009 | por zenuno

this is my NaVloPoMo’09 first video.
(I published on Youtube because it’s still converting on vimeo)

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Comment by Cheryl
2009-11-02 01:05:36

Nicely done. Glad you are navlo-ing this month!

Comment by zenuno
2009-11-02 01:14:29

Hi Cheryl!

thanks for you comment. i hope to handle it because it tends to be crazy on you but also very rewarding in lots of aspects. :)
will be checking your videos too. ;)

Rgds, ZN

Comment by Robert Subscribed to comments via email
2009-11-02 01:21:59

Wonderful. Come back August!

Great to see you posting. Keep them coming. :)

Comment by zenuno
2009-11-02 01:59:17

Hi Robert! Thanks for you comment.
I hope you too can produce some videos for this month! Come on! :)
Rgds, ZN


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