#OneDailyMoment #100dayproject #the100dayproject

#OneDailyMoment #100dayproject #the100dayproject

Definition of my challenge
I am challenging myself to try and daily document ‘something’ with a mobile photo/video each day. Preferably it will be produced and published only using the phone. I reserve the rare possibility of editing the video on the computer too. As I am preparing the production of a web doc recorded on mobile, I will also use this opportunity to experiment until I have the aesthetic that I want in that project.

Hashtags I will use
#OneDailyMoment #100dayproject #the100dayproject (at Lisbonne Portugal)

started and based here:

you can follow here:
Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/despauterio/
Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/zenuno
Youtube playlist: #OneDailyMoment #100dayproject #the100dayproject

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