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Open air cinema in Tavira

Cinema ao ar livre, Cineclube de Tavira, cross posted to and translated here. Also posted on YouTube.

European Film Show – 11 a 20 de Julho

On these small video you can listen and see André Viane (in portuguese), the person behind Cineclube Tavira and he himself is the projectionist on the film showing at open air on Claustros do Convento do Carmo, in Tavira, Algarve, Portugal.

This European film show ends today with the film METROPOLIS de Fritz Lang, ALEMANHA 1927 acompanhado no piano “AO VIVO” por LUÍS CONCEIÇÃO / with “LIVE” piano score by LUÍS CONCEIÇÃO – M/6.
This one should be really great to watch!

… Later on the beginning of August there will be the Non European film show.

Creating the programme of the 2008 Film Shows was not an easy task. Every year our choice of films is partially determined by their availability on the national distribution market. During the past year, our distributors have considerably lowered their stakes on films from both Asian and South-American countries, not to mention African countries, whose cinema production is very rarely and often never screened in Portugal.

One of the results of this play safe policy is that the programme for the Non-European Film Show weighs heavily on the side of North-American productions. We have endeavoured to be as diverse as possible in our selection, whilst remaining faithful to our main criteria of choice, which are quality and sensitivity of treatment of the subject. We hope that our programme, and the ambiance created around it, will appeal to you!

My greetings to André Viane for organizing these events and also for having these small interview with me.

These small movie was recorded on my nokia e61i phone so i am sorry for the bad quality pictures on it. but i suppose that content can be more important.

As for what André Viane says in the video and very very briefly and not so accurate (sorry André):

He says that more people come to see the movies here on the summer open air shows than in the downtown cinema. He thinks that must be because of the good and balanced selection they make and also and mostly because of the ambience of these particular place.
The idea behind these open air projections also includes our common vision of “cinema paradiso” of Giuseppe Tornatore.
After that he tells us a small story the renovation of the place and that he is against the complete renovation of the open space, because it would spoil the magic.

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nokia n95 with microphone

Ok. Here we have two ways of plugging a “normal” microphone to the Nokia N95 and vlog away with good sound capture… 😉

I found this two videos that show two solutions to these problem:


from Steve Garfield

Here’s a quick video that shows how you can use the Nokia Audio Controller AD-43 as an external microphone on a Nokia N95.
You can connect the Nokia headphones to this and then use the Audio Controller to talk while making phone calls or recording video.
The manual “Some headsets do not include a microphone.”
I’m interested in finding out if anyone has connected a microphone to this device to help record better audio when recording videos.
I know Nokia made a special microphone adapter for some AP news trials, but I have not been able to learn more about that yet.


from Gunnar

Many mobile journalists use N95 because of its quality video vice. The problem has been that there is need of a external microphone. Here is the solution. This video shows the use of radio mic and ordinary kabel mic.
PS. thanks to Comvu

And I think the Nokia Reuter’s kit also has some adaptor for the microphone…

Hope it suits you this simple solutions and i hope to see you videos with better sound off course. 🙂
I will try when i have one of those n95, mine is a e61i that captures 352×288 i think…


UPDATE (2008/05/06):
A new entry about external mic on N95, this time from
I just want to add that the difference between the terminal colors for input has to do with the different adaptors used, because shelbinator uses a nokia adaptor and Gunnar uses a generic adaptor and i suppose thats why the color/terminal used is different.
Another link: (via twitter).

‘fallen leaves’ from Berlin

#12 Semanal week7
(very very late because we are now on week 14 🙂 so i have six more to go…)

This is an exhibition that is called Shalechet (fallen leaves) and the author is the israeli artist Menashe Kadishman, you can find it on the Jewish Museum Berlin (

I hope to post some more videos about Berlin in the next days, i love(d) that city, its really alive and kicking. …oh, and its huge also!

the video was borked and incomplete. now its alright and watchable! sorry for the other version being online! 🙁