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Fátima 2000

For this NaVloPoMo experiment that we are doing, I really want to learn how to do the editing and get good pace and story telling. At the same time I intend to review some of my miniDV and HDV archive and explore that as a way to try new things with these old material. Most of these tapes were solely recorded and never played…

I went and fetched one and a “half” tapes of a visit I did to Fátima Sanctuary in Portugal, I have to say that I am not catholic and so I went to see what was the scene. It was on May 13th of 2000 and on those particular days the Pope John Paul II visited the place and told the third secret of Fátima.

I want to do some movies about this trip, but today is to late and so I leave you with just this, I recorded this minutes after getting there for the first time.

NaVloPoMo07 #14

Lisboa a melhorar

Encontrei agora mesmo na última hora do Público (fonte Lusa) uma boa notícia para quem gosta de passear e viver em Lisboa.

Finalmente vamos ter um esforço, espero eu, visível para devolver a cidade às pessoas e diminuir a alarvidade de carros que invadem, ou será infestam, os passeios e onde podem…

Para “libertar os passeios de carros”
Lisboa: “tolerância zero” ao estacionamento ilegal a partir de hoje
12.09.2007 - 11h06 Lusa

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